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You stink

We live in the age of stupid, right?

Here’s the thing. Our politicians say they run Trosa muncipality with ecological thoughts. What that means today, I have no idea. We used to be an ecological thinking muncipality. But now, well…

We plan to build a big new road that we don’t need, the road will increase traffic, pollution and traffic noice. We are irritated of jackdaws that make noices in the city. We are real angry at cormorants living as refugees on a little tiny island in our harbor. They say the birds stink and make lots of mess.

The solution is the age of stupid standard solution of course. Get rid of them!

The ornithologists says the cormorants are protected and so does the nature protection authorities. The ornithologists also say shooting jackdaws doesn’t solve the problem (if it really is a problem of course, that is not properly investigated).

What do our muncipality do? They don’t listen to ornithologists or the nature protection authorities. They file an appeal saying, pooooor us we don’t want the cormorants here. They stink and they chase away people. We will be bankrupt if they continue staying here.

What they don’t say is that they have erased the cormorants previous living place by building houses for people everywhere. What they don’t say is that mankinds car traffic stink very much more than some poor birds. What they don’t say is that they’ve teared down trees for jackdaws to live in.

So I think I know who stink the most. But I don’t want to use the age of stupid standard solution.

I want us to rethink our way of living. We can’t destroy any more nature. We need to increase nature environment. Only then can we get rid of big bird colonies. Then they will find nature to live in instead of cities.


The cormorant fight getting tighter “treatens Trosa economy”

Local newspaper that I don’t read, but I do read their headline when it’s fun stuff 😉


19 thoughts on “You stink”

  1. Preservation of nature needs to be at the heart of planning decisions, not an optional (and often despised) extra. Your battle in Trosa is a battle for all of us everywhere.

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    1. Exactly. It seems we are about to get more people to be aware of this in our town, so I hope we will get the politicians to turn around in time also. But that takes a lot of hope! When did politicians made wise decisions lately?

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  2. I feel go you and the local battles need to be fought. You are very eloquent in your explanation on your post. Take that somehow to more local people. My experience of tourism is that tourists like to see the wildlife of a place. This needs to be encouraged. My novel is about the wild places left and the wild ones loss of habitats. It is a saga and we visit Sweden. Maybe we should visit the cormorants of Trosa! I’m with you on your fight for them and against that road. Our Sierra fought against a big road cutting us up. This is an area the city dwellers of Seville love for its natural beauty. The road project was abandoned. Good luck


        1. I hope our politicians will listen in time before it’s too late. We are many who think nature is worth saving, so there’s still hope. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂


      1. Keep us all updated and there’s some hope on climate issues with the Swedish government leading the way! Hope you get the local support for your cormorants, jackdaws and road plans.

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        1. Thanks. I hope we are enough people who wants to join the climate issues solving. I will keep you updated in this matter. We have beautiful nature to save.

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