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I can’t draw a straight line

When I say I can draw I often hear the comment Well I can’t even draw a straight line.

Who said the lines have to be straight?

Who decides if we can draw or not?

No one!

I come up with a little idea this year. For every day I do not find time to sit down and draw something I just draw a line with the nearest pencil I can find.

Then I can say for my self At least you have drawn one line today. That’s better than nothing. That’s a little consolation for not finding time to draw a whole drawing.

So I come this far in my one line a day, the days I’m not drawing ongoing pictures:

I just put the lines on the paper, one for each non-drawing-time-day, without any plan. Sometimes I don’t even look closely at the paper.

I want to see how many lines I collect and I want to see if I can make a real drawing out of the random lines eventually.

So, plan number two is to get you all involved in this project.

For each day you don’t do things you want to do, because you don’t find the time for it at the moment, draw a line on a piece of paper. 

In a couple of months or so we can compare our papers and see how many lines we collected. This is not a competition. It’s experimental. If we are good at taking time for what we want to do, we won’t have many lines. If we constantly make priorities “wrong”, we will have lots of lines. But in the end those lines maybe an interesting artwork that we created without knowing it!

Are you with me on this?


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