Tree hugger or not?

Languages play jokes on us sometimes.

The word hugger in English means someone who hugs. It’s a nice word.

In Swedish hugger is a verb for chop and the verb for using an axe.

Tree is in Swedish träd, it’s quite similar. Hugg in Swedish is chop, hug in English is hug. Also quite similar but a little difference in pronunciation.

So hug a tree in English is a nice action. Hugg ett träd in Swedish means tear a tree down with an axe. Not so nice!

Hug a tree in Swedish is krama ett träd

So now you know 🙂



12 comments on “Tree hugger or not?

  1. Hippy, Druid types, Eco warriors, etc, we refer to as tree hungers. Dare I say it-you, too are a tree hugger? Fighting for nature in your corner of the world. It’s a positive thing 🙂

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