What a difference a day makes 

I woke up to this yesterday

White ground that turned even more white later in the morning 

Wet snow came down and then it stopped

Beautiful white trees and white roofs

And then the sky went greyblue again with a little sun breaking through 

And some more sun and a little bit bluer sky

This was all yesterday photos. Now the today photo

Very much snow is gone and I can tell you,the wish of warmer weather and snow vanish, ment really wet snow almost impossible to differ from water. But it was beautiful when the sun visited for a short moment.

It’s amazing how different colors each day beholds.

I hope you all had a good day 🙂



15 comments on “What a difference a day makes 

    • You’re right. Winter with snow can be fun. But there’s so much Spring in the air already, so many of us longing for Spring now.


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