At the painting session in with my friends in our painters group Pink Bucket we got a classic paintings challenge from one of the members in the group, Johan Hoflund.

He had made post it notes with three words on every note. Then we picked one out of them. I picked the one with the words “open surfaces, lonliness, bar”.

That note described a classic painting and I was supposed to interpret that painting. That was a great challenge and I loved every minute of the work.

To interpret a classical painting by one of the great master artist in arthistory is amazing. You get so near the painting, watch every line, every detail and you very soon realize that it’s a masterpiece. You can’t add something to it and you can’t erase something. The original painting is perfect. But you can learn a lot to do “covers” of famous paintings and you have the pleasure to feel the power in the painting.

It’s no use copying the picture, you have to do your own amateur version, you can never do as good as the original. But that goes the other way around too. A master artist can never copy a amateur painting either and get the same result.

If you don’t know what you should paint or draw, find a classic painting an do something from that picture.

Art is amazing and timeless. Want to see which painting I’m talking (writing) about and how I managed to solve the challenge?

Here it is. What do you think?


Homage to Edward Hopper Nighthawks 1942

I think the original painting is awesome 🙂