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Vårsalongen 2017 Spring exhibition In Trosa Sweden

For English text, look below the Swedish text.

Anmäl dig till Vårsalongen i Trosa! Se info ovan. Det är jätteroligt att delta som utställare. Förra året målade besökare och utställare en gemensam tavla som på hösten sedan auktionerades ut till välgörenhet.

Last night I got the yearly email from the Spring exhibition in Trosa people. It’s time to sign up for the Spring exhibition 2017 in May. I signed up immediately. This is a very nice exhibition to participate in. You meet lots of friendly people and last year we did a painting together, artists and visitors. It was fun. You see the painting above this text.

Now I just have to figure out what to paint for the exhibition. I think I have an idea, so we’ll see if it works. Haven’t started yet and the time will fly until May, so I better get started.


9 thoughts on “Vårsalongen 2017 Spring exhibition In Trosa Sweden”

    1. Kram tillbaka! Vad roligt att höra ifrån dig igen. Ja, vi får fundera vidare på kyrkans namn. Kanske kommer ideerna med vårsolen snart 😉

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  1. It makes my heart sing to see collaborative artwork such as the piece from last year’s exhibition.

    Enjoy creating a new piece for this year’s event, don’t forget to share a photo of it!

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    1. I will take pictures and share with you. It’s a very nice idea, the together painting. You meet new people and talk to them while you’re painting. I like it a lot.

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