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A perfect tv day :)

The 2017 year version of Vasaloppet is still ongoing, but the broadcast of the event has ended for the day. It’s the only time of the year I get stuck in front of tv almost a whole day.

Why? Because it’s amazing to see all nice and friendly people that take part in the race behind the elite. And because of the excitement to see who’s gonna have the strength left to get to the finish line first.

It’s the worlds longest skirace and the worlds biggest race, they say. 

The elite on their way to finish line in less than an hour. They begin to take positions for the chances of getting there first. 

A helicopter takes us through the race and show the forests of the landscape Dalarna, or what’s left of the woods. 

It’s gonna be a tight race right before the finish line this year, not many meters left here.

A Norweigian guy hits the line first. Actually the very same guy who won last year. When it comes to ski races it’s very often a Norweigian guy who wins nowadays.

You can check the results at

Then we waited for the first woman to reach the finish line

And for the fisrt time since 2011 there was a Swedish who won

You can read the womens results at

The finish line motto “I fäders spår för framtids segrar” is in English In Forfathers trace for futures victories. Maybe a bad translation, I’m sorry for that 😉

If you’re in Sweden you can still watch the race at

So, now when Vasaloppet is over for me, I’m looking forward to Spring arrival.

Many of the skiers still has many hours to go before then come to Mora and the finish line. I admire every one of them making this race i.r.l and not in front of tv as I do. 

I also think all volunteers is worth all respect for making this day a great day for so many people. And thank you Swedish tv for broadcasting the event.

Each and every one of you who reads this post probably have a country man or woman in this race. They said 43 countries were represented in the race.


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