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Stats not the only thing that falls

Shoveling snow this evening. Sorry for not being here with you instead.

I wasn’t around much here yesterday either.

The stats clearly show what you think of my absence 😉

I’m not a stats addict, but I miss you all when I don’t have time to be here.

I hope you all are okay.

If you want to tell me and the others what you’re up to on your blog, please tell us in the comments and leave a link if you want.


23 thoughts on “Stats not the only thing that falls”

    1. Thanks. Snowy here today again, but they promise warmer weather next week. I hope they are right. I will read your posts, they are always interesting.

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  1. Hi Anna!
    I haven’t been around a lot either for quite a few days so I know exactly what you’re talking about.
    I’m not sure what I’m up to on the blog. Writer’s block?
    Even with my needleworks I stick to simple things.

    How’s your art going?

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    1. My art is going, but very very slow. So much “must do things” to do right now. I hope to find a better balance between must do and fun to do soon. You keep up your good work with your yarn 🙂


  2. Hi Anna 🙂 usually I try to post one photo per day 🙂 also I’m working on this article about Athens, where I spend some fabulous days and took many photos eheh cheers PedroL

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  3. I’d normally comments with something like “Post some pics!” but I think you and me are just plain tired of that icky bad white stuff. “pling”

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    1. You are totally right. I was thinking of taking a picture to the post, but then I thought No, no more winter pictures. I’m tired of snow and winter. I’m not made for winter. “Pling”


  4. 🙂

    I’m up to about 5′ 7″, but, at my age, I doubt that will change much. My blog is a bit hard to quantify, but, it’s still there, with occasionally fresh material, all designed to encourage sanity, if not always rationality….

    Hope you’re enjoying the last gasps of this year’s winter….


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    1. I try to enjoy winter, but I want Spring. The birds singing Spring songs and sun shining with Spring light. The only thing that don’t belong to Spring is the snow. Or wait, it’s a Spring thing here normally. March is a winter month, but we’re so close to Spring now.

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