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WP weirdness

Have you noticed that my post Matilda Day appears in double versions? I have likes and comments on both so I can’t erase one of them. Well I let them stay on the blog both of them. But it bugs me a bit. wP tricked me.

When I made the post I got an error message and I therefore pressed publish again. Now I realize that I should have looked before pressing publish again. But I believed that WP told me the truth about the post error.

Well, well, now you know why there’s two of the same post.


12 thoughts on “WP weirdness”

    1. It’s not a big deal, but it bugs me a bit. Why have to identical posts when I only need one? But I got comments on both, so I let them be as they are.

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    1. Thanks. Yes I think it’s happen before, but sometimes I have discovered it in time to erase one of them before they get comments and likes.

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  1. I am moving away from WordPress for many reasons. A Hosting service for my domain will cost $120.00 per year and includes everything in the price. Unlimited space with 100s of add-ons that would cost $500.00 a month on WordPress. I had a similar incident happen to me a few months ago.

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    1. I hope you find a nice place to continue your blogging. I’m on the free version of wp and intend to stay as long as there are nice people here 🙂


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