Avbryt projekt Trosa förbifart/cancel the new big road project in Trosa Sweden

I found this on the fb page 0156. Ingrid Benson has written:

“The planned Inbound West Trosa becomes unnecessary. The municipality can avoid paying 150 million for a new road and avoid destroying the delicate nature of Tureholm Peninsula, Hunga and Ekebonäs beautiful tree areas. The growth target of 150 persons per year explained by the 1,500 homes planned in Vagnhärad, see the article in iTrosa . At the same time appears Trosa as a pioneer in climate change if you spend the entire road project and invested in expansion close to urban areas and other parts of the municipality where it can use existing roads. What do you think? Like if you think Inbound West Trosa project to be abandoned.”

So if you are on fb, you can visit fb page 0156 and give the post a like if you want to save Trosa nature.

There is still time to save Trosa nature and Mother Earth. We all have to help Mother Earth if we want humans on the planet in the future. Mother Earth will survive without us, but we won´t survive without Mother Earth.