This is an old post that I repost now and then. Some of you that press like button on my posts have blind links in your profile. When I want to check your blog by clicking the like notification I don’t find your blog! 

It don’t intend to start a how you blog section on this art blog, but I want to say this.

Check your link settings in your profile. Some of you have old links that doesn’t exists anymore. If you like one of my posts, then you show up in my notifications, from there I can reach your blog if you have a link that works. If you have an old link I end up with a wp message about links not leading anywhere any longer.

So before you complain about not having enough visitors, views, followers, likes and comments. Check your profile settings. People may actually not find your blog if you’ve got the wrong link in your profile/gravatar.

You find the settings here


And you check out which links you have in the settings here

You can try if your settings are ok by clicking your gravatar in any comment you made to see if that click leads you to your blog.

Have a great blogging day!