Check your links in your profile 

This is an old post that I repost now and then. Some of you that press like button on my posts have blind links in your profile. When I want to check your blog by clicking the like notification I don’t find your blog! 

It don’t intend to start a how you blog section on this art blog, but I want to say this.

Check your link settings in your profile. Some of you have old links that doesn’t exists anymore. If you like one of my posts, then you show up in my notifications, from there I can reach your blog if you have a link that works. If you have an old link I end up with a wp message about links not leading anywhere any longer.

So before you complain about not having enough visitors, views, followers, likes and comments. Check your profile settings. People may actually not find your blog if you’ve got the wrong link in your profile/gravatar.

You find the settings here


And you check out which links you have in the settings here

You can try if your settings are ok by clicking your gravatar in any comment you made to see if that click leads you to your blog.

Have a great blogging day!



48 comments on “Check your links in your profile 

  1. You know, this is super useful, because I get a lot of commenters whom I can’t visit back because their link isn’t working properly. So, great service with this post, madam : D

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  2. I had exactly that for the first few months of my blogging experience. When I found out my avatar was linked wrong, that was really frustrating. It is great that you share this so people can check!

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    • Thanks. Haha I’m definitely no expert on wp settings, but I think I have one more thing at least I can do a post about 🙂


    • Thanks, I will check that out. I know I’ve change the name of the category sometime and that’s probably the reason. Now I have to find out how I shall fix the error!


        • Yes indeed. I discovered two more defect links today on my blog. I should probably check my links more often. Thanks for reminding me of the link issues 🙂


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  4. You totally save my day when you told me that you can’t click through my account. I don’t know that it was not working until you told me. Thank you very much! 😊

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  5. thanks! mine used to be on my othe.r site (now deleted) and I was wondering why no one visisited. I think I changed it now though 😀

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    • Your link is right now. It was your comment on my blog that made me remember my old post about how to check that the blog link is alright. So thanks back to you 🙂


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  7. Det gäller väl bara om man har en blogg hos WordPress? Jag har min blogg på ett webbhotell. Klickar man på min gravatar så kommer man till min profil på gravatar, tror jag. Där har jag lagt till in sajt. Jag har en blogg på wordpress, men använder inte den, länkar till fotobloggarna. Problemet är att inte alla har lagt tll sina bloggar på gravatar sidan. Lika dåligt med e-mejlen, många har inte satt ut någon kontakt mejl, mina kommentarer brukar alltid hamna i skräpkorgen när jag börjar att kommentera på en ny blogg, Det är irriterande att inte kunna kontakta bloggaren. Brukar tappa intresset att följa sådana bloggar, när de inte bryr sig…

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    • Jag är långtifrån bloggexpert, men jag gissar att det är som du säger. Det är wordpressbloggarna det gäller. Ja det är lite si och så med kontaktuppgifter och about-sidor. Jag är dålig på det själv. Är jättesällan inne och uppdaterar mina sidor, så min about page är nog uråldrig. Bra att du gjorde mig uppmärksam på det. Borde ta en städrunda på min sida.

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