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To walk in and out of artwork

Over at Ritus blog Butismileanyway there’s a musicalmarch going on meaning a travel back to the eighties. I was young back then and the music was always a big part of everyday life in that age. 

In th eighties we discovered the music videos. Wow! Short little movies and our favorite music in one. On Swedish tv ther was not many videos showing, but some showed up. Of course the Thriller video was amazing and some others. But my absolute favorite ever became the Take on me video with the Norweigians in Aha. 

When you see it I think you know why I like it so much. At least if you have followed my blog for a while and know that art is my world. Imagine if you could experience this. To walk in and out of artwork! I think it’s an amazing video. They didn’t have all the computer animation technology that we have today back then.



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