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Apollofjäril Apollo butterfly

English text below the Swedish.

Mitt inlägg Hjälp naturen att finnas till har spridit sig till fb.

Där kan ni se en vacker bild på den hotade Apollofjärilen.

Vill du hjälpa till att rädda Trosas natur och är med i fb, besök gärna inlägget på fb och gilla det och/eller lämna en kommentar. Eller besök inlägget och tala om varför du tycker att naturen inte behövs om du tycker det.

My post about Save Trosa nature by reporting nature observations to Artportalen has spread to fb. If your on fb you can give the fb post a like if you like 🙂

You can see a picture of the endangered Apollo butterfly there.

Every activity on the blog post and the fb post will help us trying to save Trosa nature.

I will be back with more information about the road buildning project soon. It’s completely madness to go further with the project. It will not serve anyone well except the smart guy in the money end.


9 thoughts on “Apollofjäril Apollo butterfly”

  1. Excellent post as usual Anna. I saw Apollo butterflies (have visited liked and shared the fb post) when I was in Sweden last summer, but only on an island in the outer reaches of the Stockholm archipelago, not on the mainland. If you have them on the mainland in your area it further emphasizes the need to protect this area.

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    1. An artist from my town Trosa has done artwork of the Apollo butterfly. You can see it in no. 24 in the gallery on this link
      Maybe you recognize an American little thing in the middle of the butterfly 🙂
      She works in different kinds of fabric and other stuff she finds. You are allowed to touch her art. She made them 3D and you supposed to feel the artwork with your hands. “Pling”


    1. Yes they are. I should paint one, you are right. Check out the answer at Jims comment. There’s a link there to an Apollo butterfly made in tactile art.

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  2. Bra initiativ! Naturen behöver verkligen beskyddare. Tyvärr är mitt konto på FB av någon anledning inaktiverat, jag har visst brutit mot upphovsrättslagen när jag delade en YouTube video…

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    1. Ja jösses, fb verkar vara en underlig plats. Jag har aldrig klivit in i den världen av många anledningar. Ja, naturen verkar behöva beskyddare mer än någonsin.

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