The light starting to get back to us here now. This is around 18:30 today.

In wintertime it’s pitch black dark around 14:00-15:00.

And no, I don’t mind the raindrops on the windows. We actually need rain.

But….what we don’t need is that thing that Jim call icky bad white stuff coming down.

An hour later this came down. You can’t see it, but the fine white lines are thar icky bad white stuff.

I want spring temps back. We were up at 18C the other day. Now were back at 0C. Brrrr!

No, I can’t complain at all. I have roof over my head. I have warmth. I have food for all days to come so far I know. My family that is still alive is still alive and the ones who passed away have passed away peacefully without pain or diseases and with an ok life length. So no, I can’t complain about anything. Still I wish for Spring weather, can I do that without being greedy?

So rain vs icky bad stuff, who wins? I hope rain wins right now. Maybe I think differently in December around Christmas 😉

What doyou think?