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Idiot project?

Why did I crocheted the first one? 

Because it was fun 🙂

Why did I put black dots on the dog?

Because I remembered a story from my childhood.

Why did I do another dog almost just the same?

And a third one? 

Have you yet figured out how many I have left to crochet?

Is this an idiot project?

Or am I an idiot who thinks this is worth the effort?



26 thoughts on “Idiot project?”

    1. Exactly! Am I an idiot or what? It’s stupid to get an idea that takes a lot of time to realize when you don’t have much spare time 🙂 but it’s fun to crochet dogs!


    1. Ja det är kul att ha något att pyssla med ibland som inte är jättekomplicerat, men 98 stycken till är ju ren idioti egentligen. Det lär nog ta några år. Jag gör en i halvåret ungefär tror jag.

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  1. is there a race to get this done? take your time. pace yourself. it’s a huge project but think of the sense of accomplishment you will have when you finish. 🙂 “pling”

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    1. I have all the time in the world to do this and I can chose to not doing it too. But it would be kinda cool to make them all, just for fun. But I doubt my patience will last to 101. “Pling”


  2. They’re adorable 😍 It’s a huge project, but one that can be done a ‘doggie’ at a time, and that will give you the wonderful ‘I finished something’ feeling over and over. 🤗
    Can’t wait to see the picture with all 101 😃

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