Challenges, What ever

Easter prep

I got a birthday card and some yarn with the intention I should do a big version of the small stitched figure on the card. It’s suppose to be a nice easter pillow.

I come pretty far in a few days, so this is half way. I now have to figure out background colors. 

I come from a family with generations of knowledge about handcraft making, so birthday presents often tend to be some kind of sewing, stitched or crochet challenges.

And yes, for those of you with sharp eyes, I haven’t managed to count the stitches right. Cross stitches are not my thing when it comes to count them right. I always miss some or do too many.


24 thoughts on “Easter prep”

    1. Ja, det är kul, men jag har jättesvårt att hålla reda på antal stygn och hur de förhåller sig till de andra stygnen/färgerna. Jag gör alltid fel nånstans.

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