Today I found two anemone nemorosa, in Swedish Vitsippa. This flower can bloom in millions in the forrest. Like in the movie Ronja Rövardotter  – Ronia the robbers daughter. The story is written by Astrid Lindgren. She also wrote Pippi Longstocking and other great stories. 

The composer Björn Isfält did the music to the film and here you can listen to a piece, in Swedish Rid över skog, thats horseride in forest in Englih.

If you want to have a quick look at the film story you can check this:

After a while you will see this picture

A forest full of anemone nemorosa. It’s one of Swedish most beautiful Spring scenes. I think so anyway. Anemone nemorosa are so Springish when they come in millions.

But I like when they come one by one too.

If you haven’t read the book about Ronia the robbers daughter by Astrid Lindgren, go ahead and do it. A brave girl with a big heart. We need more Ronias in the world today 🙂

It’s a book for everyone, not just kids.