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End of Easter

Found this little nest the other day

My guess it’s Mallard eggs, but I’m not sure. I hope the parents come back and take care of the eggs. I’m worried about the eggs, it was some cold days this Easter. 

And it’s not just humans who fancies eggs at Easter

Sad sight. I don’t know who has been here. Could be any bird that eat eggs or some other animal. 

I hope you all have better luck in life than this destiny 🙂


18 thoughts on “End of Easter”

        1. I know and I hope she was around. I just saw the possible father. We have sea eagles in the area and thay grab all sorts of sea birds like mallards and other species. I’m worried something has happened to the mother.

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  1. På Karpalundsdammarna har jag funnit flera gåsägg som blivit tagna av något rovdjur.Kanske räven eller kråkor. Även tranor är några riktiga äggtjuvar.

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    1. Ja vi har också många alternativ till äggtjuvar. Trutar, måsar, räv, sparhök, ormvråk, fiskgjuse, ekorre,räv, mård och vaknar ormarna lär nog de vara misstänkta också!

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  2. My first reaction is sadness. Same as you and swo8. And as John who says cranes are egg robbers. But then, come to think of it, a life has been fed, a hunger has been stilled. How is this not part of the strange beauty of nature?

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