A while ago I did a drawing our of wise words from Thomas at aspiblog.

This weekend I visited an exhibition that one of my artist friends had. She told me about a poster she did when she felt we do too little for saving nature. This is the poster

Poster by Margareta Arnedotter Jansson

I think it’s a great poster. And I asked her if it was ok to share it with you. I told about our ongoing talks about saving nature and she thought it was a great idea to show the poster for you.

Here’s the poster I did out of Thomas wise words.

And here’s Mother Nature speaking. “We need nature, but nature don’t need us”

If you have a poster or wise words about nature you want to spread. Let us know by leaving a comment and/or a link to your blog where we can read your words or see your poster. If you don’t have a poster but you have wise words, then maybe your words can be a poster or a drawing. Who knows what comes to our minds when we read other people’s wise words 🙂

Just leave your wise words in the comments and they’re  spreading around the world.