Actually I don’t know what to write today. But I give it a try anyway.

I’m just so grateful for all I have, where I live and that everyone near me is alive.

Today, as the world seems to look like, that is not something you can’t take for granted.

The minute we take freedom, democracy and health for granted we are very vulnerable for everyone that thinks other values are more important. Yes, terrorists can take over and erase freedom quickly with every violence they choose to use, but it’s not that kind of threat we’re most vulnerable of. 

It’s that creeping, sneaking kind of power people who wants us to believe nothing has changed even if they step by step moving away from the values we still think everyone around us protect. They always start with little changes, that we don’t notice if we’re not directly impacted by them. If someone should protest it’s easy to say, that little change don’t mean much, what’s the fuss about?

It’s when we think the democracy rules are to slow for making things happens, when we think we can jump ahead and move faster than the rules prohibit. Then we’re all a part of moving away from our freedom. Democracy takes time and protect us from making stupid decisions.

It’s when we think that one voice is more worth than another and we think we can overrule that less valuable voice. Democracy allows everyone to speak up and the smart thing with that is the amount of good ideas that can come out of such big ears listening.

It’s when we think we already have all the answers and solutions to all questions and problems. If you think you’re the smartest human on earth and don’t need to listen to other people’s voices you are pretty stupid and you have certainly left democracy behind.

Our whole world are vulnerable and we can choose to try to protect it from more power searching people by being thankful for what we have. If we live in freedom of course. Not everyone has that privilege yet, but maybe one day 🙂

I’m in my drawing studio, well actually a table in the kitchen, doing a drawing for Spring exhibition in Trosa in May. It’s about global warming and I really like how it goes right now, so Im sorry for not being aroumd here on wp that much lately. I promise to show the drawimg when I’m finished with it 🙂

Have a great Friday, all of you.