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Rain – regn good or bad?

April month is not what it use to be over here. Icky bad white stuff and rain every day.

We need rain, so I should not complain, but does it need to be so freezing cold? I don’t mind summer rains, but this cold and windy rain is not charming at all.

But we need some serious rain. Our groundwater is way below normal because of last summers lack of rain.

So, rain is good and I should be as joyful as this songs and painting.

Singing in the rain

Rytmen av ett regn

It’s raining men

Not sad and down like this songs and the sad part of the drawing

Standing in my rain

Regn hos mig

Regntunga skyar

How do you feel about rain?

Have you any good rain songs on your mind? Paste a youtube link in the comments if you do.


18 thoughts on “Rain – regn good or bad?”

  1. Even here in Britain there have been occasional flurries of the icky bad white stuff today. We too can use rain, but by this time of year the basic temperature should have the decency to be warm.

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    1. Good! I like rainy days when it’s warm inside and even outside. But now we have coldness and rain and that white stuff that don’t care it’s not December yet 😉 “pling”

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        1. I know. We have weather chage every minut this week. That icky bad white stuff, rain, sun, and then it starts over again with a few minutes interval. Weird. All seasons in one day!

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