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1800 followers milestone

We’re way past 1800 followers on this blog today but not yet 1900, but at every hundred new followers number I try to have some sort of meet & greet session.

This time I think you should take the opportunity to promote your blog in the comments by telling us how you came up with the name of your blog and why you chosed that name. Also leave a link to your blog or one of your posts on the blog so we can find you 🙂

Good luck with finding new blog friends, new readers and maybe also new followers!

The best way to make people find your blog is to visit the blogs mentioned in other comments in this post and not just leave your own blog link and hope people will find you. Interactivity is the best way to reach new milestones. 

Oh, and my own answer to the meet and greet question:

It just happened to be FärgaregårdsAnna- Annas Art. At first when I thought there was only Swedish readers on my blog I just named it FärgaregårdsAnna, which is my name and an old address of the place that I live in. In English it would be something like Paintmakerfarm, but farm is in that case miniminifarm. I added Annas art when I realized my readers started to come from all over the world. The number of countries was 99 in alles last time I checked the stats.

99 always makes me think of Nenas hit from the80’s.


38 thoughts on “1800 followers milestone”

    1. Thank you and I’m glad you started your blog and that I found it somehow. I learn a lot by reading your blog 🙂


    1. Yes your blog is a big big smile! You’re doing the right thing by smiling. I heard that if you have trouble getting to sleep you should smile. Then the brain thinks all is well and go to rest so you can sleep even if you couldn’t fall asleep before because of things that was troubled your mind. I haven’t tried that yet. I haven’t had trouble sleeping recently, but I must try when I do. I wanna see if it’s true!

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            1. That’s what we all do, trying our best. I remember how it was to be a beginner. Lots of new things to learn. I think you’re doing good 🙂


  1. Congratulations–both on the milestone and on finding an interesting and new approach to a blog share event.

    I wanted to call my blog Life in the U.K., after a particularly absurd test immigrants–a category that includes me–have to take at some point in order to stay in the country. Someone was already using it, though, and Notes from the U.K. was the only alternative that came to mind. The blog does, as they say here, what it says on the tin.

    In hindsight, it’s probably just as well. I’d have ended up wasting the time of frantic people who were studying for the test wasting their time on a blog that wouldn’t have helped. They wouldn’t have been in a mood to laugh.

    Instead of promoting a particular post, heres’s the home page:

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    1. Your blog is always worth reading. I smile and laugh out loud everytime. It’s much more fun to read your posts than reading a newspaper 🙂

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        1. That depends. Our local newspaper uses local fb posts as source to their “news”. I haven’t the slightest confidence in that kind of news reports.

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  2. Grattis Anna. Det är ju ett bevis för att folk uppskattar din fina blogg. 🙂 Jag tycker speciellt om dina fina teckningar, och kreativitet, men också att du värnar om naturen. 🙂

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    1. Tack! Jag försöker rita teckningar så ofta jag kan. Det är roligt att kommentera företeelser genom teckningar. Naturen är min energikälla, så om jag inte värnar den kommer jag inte ha någonstans att hämta min kreativa kraft ifrån, så jag kanske egentligen är jätteegoistisk när jag värnar naturen 😉
      Näe, jag tycker helt enkelt att vi har mycket att lära av naturen och att vi borde vara mycket mer ödmjuka inför all visdom som finns just i naturen.

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  3. I name my blog Southern Georgia Bunny.. because my nickname is Bunny and I’m from Southern Georgia.

    Its where I share my adventures from life current and past.

    Everything from dating, dates from hell, life, trip, drinking sex, omg moments and outfit issues. Anyone male or female can relate to my adventures plus it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.


  4. Hey everyone,
    I’m quite new to this thing but I started a travel blog, based on my experience 🙂 My blog is called WE ONLY LIVE ONCE and if you ask me why so I simply could say that in this life we should take every possibility because we only live once 🙂
    So, anyone feel like travelling?
    Take a look and spread the news, thanks 🙂

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