I play with words when I write ‘Spring time in Trosa’.

Spring in Swedish means run. So it’s running time in Trosa in Springtime 🙂

Trosa Ultra Backyard is taking place April 29 to April 30. It’s a form of ultra marathon race.

Read more about the race here, I hope the Swedish text is translatable for you when you visit the site.

I found out about the race when I saw many many runners along Trosa river.

They run several laps around Trosa and the ones who have the strength to go on the longest run more than a normal marathon. I don’t know how they make it, but they do obviously.

I think I continue to stay lazy. Running is not for me, unless it’s a soccer game going on or I have a tennis racket in my hand on a tennis court 😉

The runners have a 10 degree C weather with strong winds from north today. I hope they think it’s okay. I thought it was freezing today.