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They’re still running

TUB Trosa Ultra Backyard 2017 is still going

This was a bit after 10 pm April 29

Can you see the whiteblue lights? That’s the runners headlight.

And here they come

at you can read this in swedish

What is a Backyard Ultra?
This is a different type of ultramarathon, where neither time nor distance is predetermined.
The race takes place on a 6706m loop starting at 11:00. The next start takes place on each hour. The runners failing to complete a lap within one hour will finish the race at the last completed lap. You must have completed at least one lap to participate in the results list. Runners that can continue are divided one every turn. The winner will be the last runner who completes a shipyard within the deadline.

 Why 6706 meters?
24 turns (hours) give 100 miles (8: 57 / min) which is considered a dream limit for many ultrasound drivers. For some it can be considerably longer.
7 turns make you ultrasound (42196 meters and longer). Of course everyone is welcome regardless of the level of ambition.

 Previous Backyard Ultra Result
The record for a backyard ultra in Sweden has Emir Halalkic and Annika Nilrud from Lur 2016, who then made 30 laps on a 6.7 km lane (201 km) and Johan Steene won the Big Dog Backyard Ultra in the USA 2014 with 49 laps. During that competition Johan Steene cut 47min45sek / lap. The two in that race (also 49 laps) scored 58min / lap. They had different tactics.

After 6 o’clock in the morning of April 30 I saw this

They still running!

Their webbsite says 14 runners left after 19 laps. 19 laps! Wow!

Map source

While I was a sleep all night they were out running many laps.



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