Nature miracles

Old Tjikko

I’ve just learned we have the oldest tree Old Tjikko in the world in Sweden in Fulufjällets national park. A french tv-program tells about fascinating trees around the world on Swedish TV.

The Swedish tree is 9500 years old! Most of the tree are roots. It grows in north of Sweden and when the climate changes made warmer weather the tree could start growing high. It doesn’t look old over ground, but underneath it’s really old.

Every program tells the stories of two trees and this episode also tells about a olive tree.

The first episode of was about the tree in the picture below

Very interesting tree program. I don’t know how you all outside Sweden can find this program. I’m sorry for that.

Maybe this can help you find it

My take on trees


16 thoughts on “Old Tjikko”

    1. Yes it does. But I think underneath the snow the trees have friends. In north of Sweden the trees often grows low but wide to stand the coldness.

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        1. Probably! But if we really would listen to that tree, imagine what we could learn about ourselves and actually do something different and right for once in our life!

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