Do you have trouble with wp app?

Today I discovered (i think) why my wp app were so slow and worked bad. Lately I haven’t been able to upload some blogs without being thrown out of the app. The uploads of comments, when I wanted to read comments on your blog, take ages or the app crashes. This is very irritating and time consuming. This evening I didn’t even manage to open the app, so I erased it and downloaded the app again. 

Guess what! I get a message that the app needs iOS 10 at least but I could download an older version of the app, so I did. I have an ipad from 2011 and I intend to keep it as long as it works. But obviously my old iPad isn’t a iOS10 device. 

Why can’t digital devices still, after almost fifty years of development, not tell us what’s really wrong with them when they’re not working as they should?

I hope I found the answer to my problem with the app. I miss reading your blogs!



32 comments on “Do you have trouble with wp app?

  1. Vad är det för någon app? Jag använder varken mobilen eller surfplattan när jag kollar min blogg. När jag besöker min blogg med mobilen eller surfplattan, gör jag det med webbläsaren. Vad är det för någon app, och vad kan man göra med den?


    • Det finns en WordPress-app som går att ladda ner. Med den kan man administrera sin blogg, fast begränsat jämfört med webb-versionen. Man kan också besöka andra bloggar och läsa och kommentera den vägen. När det fungerar är det smidigt, men när det inte gör det är det värdelöst. Så jag blandar användandet mellan webbläsare och app beroende på vilken uppkoppling jag har och hur väl appen fungerar. Vid dålig uppkoppling har ibland appen varit snabbare än att försöka webbläsaren som då tar evigheter att ladda upp.

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  2. WordPress is the highest priced hosting service on the planet. Their desktop app crashes all the time and even if you save as you write it disappears. I’m moving to a real website hosting service, where the cost for an entire year, is what WordPress charges for a month. You wrote this as I found out my full size photos on Google Photo cannot be embedded or linked on WordPress 😦

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    • I just use the free version of wordpress, so I don’t have any experience of the paid version, but I sometimes read about other having problems with the paid versions. I like the wordpress community, I meet so many nice bloggers here.


  3. Aww.. I feel you Anna. I experience the same. I’m using a very old version of iPhone so The app crashes every now and then. I also find it hard to navigate to the blogs. But I’m still using it as I have no choice. Either I buy a new version of the phone or buy a new version of the phone. Haha Hope to still see you around. 🙂

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