Do you remember how to play?

I have a favorite song that always cheers me up.

It’s about how we should remember how to play and not grow up too much. 

If you watch the whole video that’s from The polar music price concert you will see Mr Stevie Wonder in the audience and our Swedish Queen ans King.

So when you hear this song you might want to grow back down again and just sing, dance and have fun 🙂

Do you have favorite cheer up songs? Leave a link in the comments. If you leave a complete link and not just a shortlink from Youtube, the vid will appear in the comments.

Children playing indians. Their names are Sun, Wind and Water. They do not care about grown up problems like Oh no, they’ve lost their paddle or Oh no the cormorants destroys the green island. They just drifting away as the day comes 🙂



15 thoughts on “Do you remember how to play?

  1. Lovely song but you do ask tough questions sometimes. It is not likely that I could limit myself to a favourite song or even a top ten… 😉 However, visiting your blog usually gives me a smile. :))

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