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This apply on my blog writing too. I’m Swedish, so you will never read good English writing on my blog, just English writing with a little spellcheckhelp 😉 For comments visit original post at Jasons blog/Anna

HarsH ReaLiTy

Sometimes people email me for writing advice and I don’t give it. The reason is because my writing is very poor and I have been known to post anything. There are many bloggers that write perfect posts weekly. They spend time editing, editing again, and re-editing the editing they’ve done and I applaud that. We need great posts out there!

Then there is me.

I use my blog as a sounding board for what I am doing, thinking, or considering to think or do in the moment. It is my twitter, my facebook, my Myspace (hahaha), and my blog. I treat it that way and because of that I turn readers off daily who are looking for a professional blog. Some explanation for why my numbers are what they are.

People judge your blog off one post. You have one post to impress upon them what you are trying to…

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