Autistic Pride Award: Laina’s 500th Post

What a nice idea. Check out this post on Aspiblog. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being autistic. I always asume everyone is different, not alike. Therefore I will never get why we need to diagnose people and decide they’re different. We all work in different ways. Can’t we just accept that instead of making people feel different in a way that creates confusing feelings? Anna



Laina over at thesilentwaveblog decided to do something special for her 500th blog post. The result was an absolutely splendid post, and this is my response to it. 


This section sets the scene for the remainder of the post. First here is Laina’s brief:

  1. Whoever wants to participate, participate.  I’m focusing primarily on Asperger’s/autistic people, of course, but anyone who supports autistic people and neurodiversity is welcome!
  2. Do link back to the blogger who gave you the idea 
  3. Do link back to this blog as the original creator.
  4. Describe a bit about yourself.  However much you feel comfortable saying.
  5. List your main “special interests” or areas of primary focus/niche specialties.
  6. If you’re on the spectrum yourself, describe why you’re proud to be Aspergian/autistic or what you like about being Aspergian/autistic.  
  7. If you’re not on the spectrum yourself, you can use…

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