Trosa förbifart/Infart Västra, Trosa is the place, VilleValleViktor, YannoDunnoVictor

Vilken vecka – What a week!

Veckan när jag här på bloggen publicerade Sagan om en onödig väg/Ville Valle och Viktor sköt statistiken på antal visningar i höjden.

The week that I posted The tale of an unnecessary road/Yanno Dunno and Victor the stats went through the roof compared to a normal week.

Om du inte har hunnit läst sagan ännu kan du göra det genom att klicka på följande länk/länkar

If you haven’t read the tale you can do that by clicking following links.

Sagan om en onödig väg, Ville Valle och Viktor

The tale of an unnecessary road, Yanno Dunno and Victor

Eller läsa del för del genom att börja med/Or read it part by part and start with Första delen/First part


8 thoughts on “Vilken vecka – What a week!”

  1. I’m so short of time that I indeed missed your tale, Anna!
    I will have another 2 or 4 weeks of going crazy, then I’ll be back on WP some more.
    Let’s see what happened to the road until then.

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  2. Anna, it’s happening here too. I found out last night that they are planning to put a road through some valuable park land very near where we live. I was out last night with my daughter handing out notices of a meeting that the city is having on Tuesday night. I knew nothing about this and I suspect that most of my neighbours don’t know about it too. Check my sight. They are so sneaky planning a meeting without making it known to everyone in the district. I’m hopping mad!

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    1. Oh no! Make sure you do everything you can to inform people of what’s going on. That’s the worst part, when they are not telling what they’re up too. That’s a warning sign. They want to avoid criticism and they probably know that the critics are very right. But they are so in love with their project that nothing will stop them. But you can do it!

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