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Did I win or did I lost?

Last week I bought some strawberries at the street market. I pass by almost every day but when I want some strawberries I stop and buy some. 

In our town we often say Hi to the people we meet weather we know them or not. That gives a nice atmosphere in the city, or village may be more correct to say about our little town. That habit also (for me) means that I want to be able to face people I say Hi to almost every day without guilty feelings.
Last week when I bought some strawberries it was a stressful time for the strawberries salesman and he sold the strawberries too cheap without knowing it. It was the day before midsummer holiday and everyone wants strawberries then, so they had much to do that day selling strawberries.

This week when I stopped by for another buy of strawberries I said to him “last time you sold the strawberries too cheap. I owe you 30 sek” (that’s 3 eur or 3,5 usd). He didn’t know what to answer, I got to choose how I wanted to do. I said I wanted him to have that 30 sek. He thanked me several times for my honesty.

So, did I win or did I lost something? 

I see them everyday day standing there trying to sell fine strawberries, fruits and vegetables no matter what the weather is like. I know you don’t get rich on a business like that in our area. So the missing 30 sek was much more for him than it was for me. 

My selfish me also says that I hate to feel guilty. If I know something is wrong I want to correct it if I can. In this case I could, so I did that.

Did I loose 30 sek? Or did I actually won something else for that 30 sek that I could have saved by not telling the salesman about his misstake?

If we want to live in a peaceful world we have to start with our selves. If I’m honest maybe I can inspire other to be honest too.

I did this painting sime years ago. I call it peace FM 🙂 we have to share the world equally and be nice to each other.


15 thoughts on “Did I win or did I lost?”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Maybe you are right, but there is some people who thinks I don’t have a place in that area. But I couldn’t care less. I want to be nice to people when I can 🙂


  1. A few days ago, three of us had a meal in a pub. Our bill was far less than it should have been. On examining the figures we realised each of our meals had been charged at what must have been a lunch-time special offer. I told the staff. Our £50 bill became £80. Like you, I think we won.

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  2. You definitely won. Had it been a major store that undercharged you that would have been a different matter, but with a local street seller you were certainly right to give him the 30 SEK.

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  3. As usual you are correct! Remember your acts of kindness and your smiles may, at times, appear to fall on someone who does not respond. However, you have planted a seed and even between cracks in the concrete some seeds will sprout and grow! You are such a beautiful, kind and generous spirit, alas the world needs more of you not less. 🙂 xx

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