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Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

Great advice from Danny! I actually did the same in some way and I don’t regret the change one little bit. It’s a work in progress that started long time ago for me. I’m a slow thinker and doer sometimes 😉
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Dream Big, Dream Often

Danny's iphone 022A few years back I made some drastic changes. In 2013 I decided enough-was-enough and I went through a revolution of my mind and habits. Here are a few of the things that I stopped doing which made me a happier person:

  1. I stopped blaming others for my underachieving.
  2. I stopped complaining
  3. I stopped comparing myself to others
  4. I stopped trying to be right all the time
  5. I stopped talking to myself like I was a villain
  6. I stopped allowing myself to make excuses
  7. I stopped watching television
  8. I stopped allowing my mind to be limited
  9. I stopped wishing for change
  10. I stopped waiting on life to happen for me

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