Photographs, Trosa is the place

Nynäs slott Nynäs castle

I Went South of Trosa to Nynäs castle the other day. Here´s some Pictures.


12 thoughts on “Nynäs slott Nynäs castle”

  1. Excellent pics :).

    A few minor points:

    1)Your feature image has lost a little focus because it has been much enlarged (as I found by right clicking, selecting ‘open image in a new tab’ from the drop down menu and locating the size, which is a mere 256 by 192 pixels, whereas the feature image will have been blown up to have a width somewhere in the region of 1200 pixels, and therefore a height of about 900 pixels).
    2)For the benefit of your readers, some of whom may find this as useful as I did, a left click on the first image opens the images up as a gallery so that they can be viewed one at a time.

    Still – well done 🙂

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    1. Thanks for excellent advices. I have a new computer and I’m not friend with that one yet. The wp app on that sucks, so I think I will manage my post through admin page instead on the computer.

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    1. The paintings you refer to is probably the Tureholm castle. It’s in Trosa. Nynäs castle is a bit south of Trosa. Our county has lots of castles.

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