Can you give me some favourite movies?

Right outside Trosa city there’s a wonderful place called Lagnö gård. At that place there’s a hostel Lagnö Studio and also a mini cinema where guests at the hostel and those who live in the area can watch movies every two weeks in Winter and Spring.

I have become a little helper at that mini cinema and now it’s time to find some good films to show during the coming winter.

Do you have any suggestions of good films that we can show to the audience?

We show both Swedish and foreign movies, so every suggestions is interesting.



24 comments on “Can you give me some favourite movies?

  1. This question makes me smile because I’ve just come upon your blog today (you must have liked something of mine) and have no idea what you like and what your guests like. Mainstream or edgier? That’s why I will link to two of my posts with lots of movie titles and a sentence for each, which is how I do my reviews. I hope you find them helpful in any way.


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  2. Anna, I am a new blogger where in I give a simple and smart reviews of the movies that I watch. Rating that I give is my brainchild. 5BlueFingers. This is what I call. I am planning to add all the movies that I have seen so far and add them on my blog. Any help is truly appreciated.


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