I borrowed an idea from Miss Anna

Wow! My chalk art is inspiration to others. That’s great. It’s fun making art with chalks. You should try it too. Comments disabled here. Visit Jims blog and leave comments there instead/Anna

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


The concrete pad for my garden shed was installed last week and I’m waiting until the end of the month when the shed is delivered and installed.  In the meanwhile, I have this big piece of concrete which makes for a nice drawing surface.  My gummys and I are hving a good time chalking it all up for now.  We’ll hopefully have it covered by the time the shed is installed.  The shed will cover all of it and I’m speculating that it will be protected from the elements (for the most part) while the shed is still covering it all up.  I’ll end up with a time capsule in that case.  It should be a 35+ year shed, so I’ll be long dead and gone by the time someone removes it to uncover their artwork.

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