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Narc radar part 2

It’s not always easy to spot the narcissistic persons, but there are clues to learn. If you have met narcissistic persons you will know what I’m talking about. If you have learn to recognise them check out this

Their feet always points in a direction away from you. If they cannot find any use for you they will find another victim to use for their purposes.

They use big words both when they act nice and evil. Nothing of what they tell you is true. They never tell the truth so you don’t even have to think of what’s true or not. It’s all acting and constantly shifting direction.

If they say something about you they talk about them selves, but they claim it’s you they talk about. 

They are expert at finding your weaknesses and if you’re the least unconfident in something, they will use that insecureness against you.

So, trust your inner self and don’t ever listen to the narcs and think they tell the truth about you. They always speak about themselves. They don’t know anything else but themselves. They are just acting when they interact with other people. They are shell people and they’re all totally empty inside. No, they can not be cured. They are what they are.


7 thoughts on “Narc radar part 2”

    1. Kul att du gillar teckningarna. Nej, kunskapen om hur narcissister och psykopater funkar är rätt låg dessvärre. Men lär man sig känna igen dem besparar man sig själv mycket lidande och elände.

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