Photographs, Trosa is the place

There´s no place like home – Trosa garvaregården

I´ve been to Tullgarn palace with a beautiful big green park with big trees and sea nearby. It was good part from bad food service.

I´ve been to Nynäs castle, also with lots to see in the surroundings. Vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers, farm animals and some art and other exhibitions. Though it have been better exhibitions previous years.

So, I went about 100-200 meter up the street from my home…

Västra Långgatan Trosa
…and found a place to eat the best fish soup I have tasted in years. If you´re nearby Garvaregården in Trosa you should plan a lunch there.

Garvaregården lunch and café
The service was very good. We felt like queens. The atmosphere was friendly, quiet and no disturbance. Just like a classic Trosa experience should be. Idyllic.

Garvaregården Trosa
The place is also the city museum where the city story is captured very well.

Garvaregården Trosa

Trosa city museum – Trosa stads museum

Trosa city museum inside
I hope you can read the text in the photo. Click to make it bigger. This view looks like this today:

Trosa city museum inside

Trosa city museum inside
The citizens in Trosa were fishing families. In the summers they moved out to archipelago and worked there.

When winter came they moved back to Trosa city. During the summers some of them rented their city homes to tourists.

The tradition to move out to archipelago in summer is still alive actually. But today it´s not for work. It´s for the sea, the nature and the peaceful life away from city noices and pollution.

Trosa city museum inside
It´s not always been peaceful in Sweden archipelago. In July-August 1719 the russians were not nice to Sweden.

Between Gävle and Norrköping (Trosa is in between those cities) they burned down 7 cities and thousands of farms and big houses.

About 20 000 people lost their homes. That was many at that time in Sweden.

Now, don´t go blame the russians entirely for this horrible operation. I think our Vikings have someting to do with their rage.

Trosa city museum inside
Trosa is burned down 1719 and the only thing that´s left is the church and the church bell tower.

Trosa city museum inside
Here´s a map over the russian burning attacks in 1719.

Over to nicer things and more up to date things 🙂

Trosa sommarteater 2017
At Garvaregården in Trosa there´s a summer theatre. I think you recognize Pippi Longstocking in the picture.

So Garvaregården in Trosa is a really nice place to be and the food and the cakes are yummy!

Garvaregården Trosa
There´s no place like home 🙂


16 thoughts on “There´s no place like home – Trosa garvaregården”

    1. Yes it is a nice place to live. Pippi is a great hero. Her author Astrid Lindgren was as brave as Pippi actually. I don’t think she had a dotted horse and a monkey on her shoulder, but she had the same guts.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja det är nästan löjligt när man på minsta och ohippaste stället hittar världens godaste mat och service. Det var så underbart att uppleva efter en vecka av upprepade besvikelser på andra ställen. Så för andra som kommer till Garvaregården kanske bara är en normal upplevelse med normalgod mat och service, vem vet. Hoppas du lyckas bocka av Trosa på din bucket list. Du får hojta till om du behöver guide 🙂


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