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Cake week starts today in Sweden

…at least I call it Cake week.

The official name is Womens week or Ladies week. The week starts with the namesday of Fredrik, then follows six days with womens namedays.

One tradition this week is to make cakes for each and every one of the names.

Another tradition this week is that it often seems to be a really rainy week. That’s not going to happen this year I think, even if I hope we get some rain. The blueberries and the mushrooms need rain to grow.

So, this week everyone is allow to eat and bake cake I say 🙂

Burn calories another week.


22 thoughts on “Cake week starts today in Sweden”

  1. Oh wow! I happen to have made 2 bee sting cakes and a tray of muffins this week already. But that’s enough for me. I’m not a baker.

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      1. Oh, well. I know how to bake. Just the results can be dramatically different 😉
        And it’s just something that I do not enjoy very much.

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