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No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017

My drawing journey continues through space. The space ship course is undefined. They lost the steer ability and are headed to unknown destiny. They don’t hurt Mother Earth anymore but they will probably never find a new home since the spaceship is broken.

Some of you may notice the steering gear symbol. I wanted to illustrate infinity.

My inspiration to this weird drawings comes from a Swedish space epos written in the middle of the 1900 century. The poems are still very up to date, so I want to continue this drawing journey till the last word. I plan to do about 103 drawings. I’m on no 26 now. It’s still a long way to the finish drawing.


5 thoughts on “No 25 drawing in my goals for 2017”

    1. Thank you. I think the spaceship looks like a fish. It wasn’t my meaning at first, but then I thought it could be nice that way. They sort of swim around lost in space.

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  1. I like this. Incidentally, I’ve just posted about how our blogs are like worlds in the blogosphere space, initiated by a chance encounter (in real life) with the very first person I spoke with on WordPress.


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