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Narc radar part 3

If you spot narcissists near you. Go as far away as you can from such people.

You never win over them and you never get rid of them as long as you are in their sight.

I wish I could say this to all narcs:

Or in Swedish

The problem with that wish is that they would turn the words against you and say you’re the one who should listen to those words. They know your words hit them exactly where they should, but they would never ever admit it.

I have some training in spotting narcs after many years of dealing with such people. With more experience it’s easier to spot them fast. So nowadays I go like this when I’m up against them:

They are shallow people and act like someone else all the time and all they can talk about is themselves. It’s always someone elses fault and they are experts at everything. At least they think so. Most things they say end up with they expect you to solve their problems. Their problems never ends.

If you turn against narcs they have a horde of sheeps that always come to their rescue. I never understood why people want to help shallow people that will never ever give you something in return.

The narc makes you believe you are very important to them. They can’t manage without you, they say. Well they can and they will the day they find out you are no longer useful to them.

They take control over you like this:

The tiny little person they are uses their big shadow to make you belive you are a very little person. But the truth is you are much bigger as a person than the narc shadow say. In fact you are a much bigger person than that sad little narc who is trying to make you smaller than you really are.

So, you are great just the way you are. Never forget that. That goes for narcs too. But they will never believe that about themselves, so they will never show the real person inside them for anyone. Kind of sad really. They will use all their energy on acting as someone else and constantly create problems for everyone that comes near them. They could use that energy for good things, but they will never do that. 

But never mind them. As I said:

That’s actually the best way to fight narcissists. To believe you are pefect just the way you are. They don’t like people with high self esteem. They go for the week ones. They are more easy to control.

Good luck with your narc spotting 😉


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