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More Trosa nature pictures

If you want to see more pictures of the Trosa nature we’re want to protect from exploitation you can visit the fb page Möteplats 0156. If you like the pictures and are on fb, please give the post a like and even a comment if you have something to say about the pictures.

The Swedish text says

Nature close to you that is accessible to all, all seasons. Stroll or cycle on the Tureholm Peninsula. Take care while nature remains. If the landowner gets as he wants, there will be hundreds of houses and a huge marina. Landowner opposes the formation of a nature reserve and planning parking on a sea nature protected area. Also look at Anna’s blog and read about wildlife and some red-listed species found on Tureholmshalvön…/kalla-den-anglama…/ Like this post if you think nature on Tureholm peninsula is worth preserving. Act by joining the network to stop Project new big road, email to



12 thoughts on “More Trosa nature pictures”

      1. As you know dear friend, there are none so blind who will not see. To see and to accept responsibility is not what the media preaches and what passes for “reality” is more surreal than Dali on crack!

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    1. Thank you. We live in a very beautiful part of Sweden. The politicians don’t value that, but we who live here do. “Pling”


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