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The Fight to Save Trosa Nature

Till alla som vill skydda Trosas natur – vi kämpar inte ensamma. Vår information om Trosas skyddsvärda natur har nått utanför landets gränser. Se denna post och klicka vidare till ursprungsinlägget och lämna kommentarer där.

Look all Save Trosa nature supporters. We’re not alone. The word has reached outside Swedish borders to Aspiblog who makes an excellent view over the struggle for saving Trosa nature. Check out the original post and leave comments over at Thomas blog/Anna



It will be no news to regular followers of this blog that I have been supporting Anna in her fight to protect nature in her part of Sweden for some time. In this blog post I share links to some of her recent posts on this issue, and urge you to follow them up. At the end there are some photos of mine from today featuring creatures I saw while out walking this morning.



The beautiful area of Sweden in which Trosa lies is threatened by a proposal to build a big new road which will bring large amounts of money to a few and destruction of priceless natural beauty as an inevitable consequence. This tale sets out the story of the road building plan through three characters, Victor, Yanno & Dunno. The feature graphic shows Yanno & Dunno as…

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