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Gråbo – Mugwort

It may be a beautiful plant but for those with allergies it’s not a nice plant.

I don’t usually react on the pollen from Gråbo/Mugwort, but this year for some unknown reason I do. It’s like Springtime all over again for me. Hmfr…/:|

But it probably get better soon. It isn’t a cold and that’s positive 🙂

By the way, learn a Swedish word. Pollen is pollen in Swedish too! So now you know one more Swedish word 😉



14 thoughts on “Gråbo – Mugwort”

  1. August is generally when my father suffers most from hayfever but if you are sensitive in this regard (I am one of the lucky ones who is not) you can be affected at any time depending on exacvtly what is in the air.

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    1. I’ve learned that now. I hope it goes away fast. In Spring I know I have to stay indoors, but this time of year I usually don’t have to think about staying indoors because of allergies. It’s a new experience 🙂


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