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Moving South

When you start to hear the special Fall sound in the air and then look up in the sky where the sound come from you will see a bunch of grey geese moving south this time of year in Sweden.

Så här års kommer du att höra tydliga ljud ifrån skyn. Tittar du upp kommer du troligtvis skåda källan till ljudet. Grågäss som flyttar söderut.

Can you see the formation the geese makes in this drawing? If you see the drawing from long distance the formation should appear 🙂


6 thoughts on “Moving South”

  1. Hi Anna, usually when our geese start flying south they are in a V-shape formation. Isn’t it a bit early for them to be flying south?

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    1. Nah, they start flying now from the north Sweden and comes here to middle of Sweden and then south of Sweden and so on.
      My thought in the drawing was to make the geese form Mo ving south in the air. Can you see it?

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  2. Many birds have already left Sweden 😦 example is the black tern. They came in beginning of maj and left for some weeks ago. They live in the other side of the equator. But they only stay on the both places in four months, the rest 8 months they are on the move…. The longest flying bird is also a tern, forgot the name. It flies from pole to pole.

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