Inspired by Fargaregardsanna: Finding Time by Blair Gaulton

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Toutons Tubas and Other Tales

This poem is inspired by a wonderful painting done by Anna from Anna’s Art. To see the picture please click on her name.

I find this truly hard…

Finding time
It raises so many questions.
I am deeply torn.

A treasure;
to keep or share?

It would be good to share.
People could have more time
with those they treasure ‘n’ hold dear.

Would you go back in time
with it or keep a moment going on and on?

An opportunity to talk
‘n’ make peace;
to resolve things
with those who no longer live.
Would you suffer more or less?
Would you feel more at peace after talking one last time?

Maybe you would use it;
to help someone who is ill
to live until there is a cure?
but then they would suffer much more..

Or would you use it
for yourself;
to make cherished moments
last an…

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