paint on rocks

Stoneface – stenansikte

It’s fun painting on rocks. 

Det är kul att måla på sten.

Everyone can do it. Just find rocks and let your fantasy flow.

Alla kan måla på sten. Leta rätt på stenar och låt fantasin flöda.



14 thoughts on “Stoneface – stenansikte”

  1. A new twist on the expression “a stony stare”! The only living things that could actually give a stony stare were trilobites, the last of which died out in the end Permian extinction of 250 million years ago (they had calcite eyes).

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    1. How interesting. I have to read more about them. I remember I read about them many years ago. Thanks for bringing that up. I had forgot about them.


    1. I did the eyes first and after a while I found the nose stone and then the mouth, but I didn’t realize then I had a whole face. Later when all of them were painted p, then I saw I could put them together. “Pling”


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