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Fjärilar i Trosa – Butterflies in Trosa Sweden part 6

More butterflies from Trosa Sweden, Tureholmshalvön. This time species that can be difficult to differ.

Fler fjärilar från Tureholmshalvön i Trosa. Den här gången sådana som kan se mycket lika ut vid första ögonkastet, men vid detaljstudering tillhör olika arter.

Kålfjäril – Pieris brassica
Citronfjäril – Gonepteryx rhamni
Autorafjäril hona – Anthocaris cardamines female
Rovfjäril – Pieris rapae
Apollofjäril – Parnassius apollo (rödlistad/endangered)
Rovfjäril – Pieris rapae
Kålfjäril – Pieris brassicae

I so wish these beautiful butterflies stays with us in the future too. We have politicians in our area who thinks more money to a landowner who already got zillions of money is more important than grand nature, so we are a little bit worried about our nature. The politicians can still rethink their position and start saving Trosa nature and be brave and wise. We´ll see if they do.


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