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Tidlösa – Naked lady

One more beautiful thing about Fall.

Tidlösan dyker upp ur jorden. The Naked lady shows up in the garden.

In Swedish we call the flower without leaves Timeless, but I think the english name Naked lady says more about the flower without leaves. The leaves on the pictures don’t belong to the naked lady. The flower also goes by the name autumn crocus I think.

It is Fall when this beauty shows up. But I want some more summer before the real autumn enters. I will live in denial a little bit longer. How about you? What season do you have right now?


16 thoughts on “Tidlösa – Naked lady”

    1. Winter is overrated. I can do with just one winter day. The day when the magic first snow falls. Then it can be Spring day two with no snow left 😉

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  1. They do look like crocuses, Anna.
    We are still in summer. The days are sunny and warm now but the nights are cooler. There’s little more than a week of summer left then it’s down hill from there.

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  2. We are on the cusp of Autumn, existing in one of those in-between times when, depending on which direction we turn, we can glimpse signs of both seasons.

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  3. hej! Jag gillar att/älskar (?) din livslogga! I really like your blog, as I’m currently teaching myself some Svenska. Can you recommend any other svenska livslogga? My favourite season is höst 🙂

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    1. Hej! I think I will make a blog post about swedish blogs as an answer to your wish. I let you know when I publish the post. Ha en trevlig höst!


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