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The will of the people became The people’s house

I found a Trosa article about the issue of change the name of a house that we been calling The people’s house for about 80 years. Recently the Trosa Municipality took over the responsibility for the house and wanted to change the name. They asked the people and you can read about it in Swedish here

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This is a translation of the Swedish article.
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The will of the people became The people’s house

Since a month ago, residents of Trosa Municipality have submitted proposals for a new name for The people’s house. We have taken note of the submitted nominations and state the following:
The people’s house (in swedish Folkets Hus) has received 107 votes and other nominations 1-2 votes each.
We caught an interesting motivation among the many proposals to keep the name. “Since 1936-37, the People’s House has existed for community life, cultural activities to have the opportunity to meet in celebration and joy as well as to exercise their democratic opportunities.”

Now it remains to be seen whether the municipality chooses to follow the majority’s wishes or remains at the line to rename the house.

(Translation from the swedish version)

13 thoughts on “The will of the people became The people’s house”

  1. Since There is a “Folkets hus” in almost every Swedish city it surprise me that they want to change it. I thought it had a lot of culture in the name. After all it kind of tells the history. Would be a shame to change it..

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    1. That’s exactly what many citizens thinks too, so they told the ones that wanted to change the name. No it’s up to those people to listen to what most of the citizens wants.

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