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Dream alarm clock

Ritu’s post Dark mornings and our talk in the comments there made me do this drawing.

What do you say about such alarm clock?

I wish I had one like that some days. But not every day. I like my work and I actually like early mornings too. But the time between sleep and awake are so nice so it takes time for me to like the awake state.


22 thoughts on “Dream alarm clock”

            1. Nor even in Spring as a grand chorus of birds starts chirping as soon as the earliest rays of light begin to make their appearance here.

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  1. Jag älskar att gå upp tidigt när jag ska till jobbet. Vaknar halv 5, sätter på kaffe, in i duschen, och sedan sitter jag 1.5-2 timmar, dricker mycket kaffe, kollar nyheterna och datorn, innan jag kör. Mornarna är den bästa tiden, tycker jag. Blir pigg efter 2 minuter när jag stigit upp. 🙂

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